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By outsourcing your employment agency’s backoffice, you gain valuable time and resources as an entrepreneur in the recruitment industry. Effectively managing a backoffice requires a unique skillset. That’s why many employment agencies choose to outsource their backoffice to a specialised backoffice provider. This way you can free up time and resources to focus on what you do best: finding the right people for your clients. In this blog, you will learn everything about the benefits of outsourcing your backoffice and you can calculate your savings instantly. 

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What is a backoffice?

The backoffice is the ‘behind-the-scenes’ part of your organisation. The backoffice is where the administrative and legal work takes place that is necessary for a employment agency to function properly and to ensure that it complies with all legislation. The focus is on the correct payment of the salaries of temporary workers, the payment of the associated premiums, payroll, accounts receivable management and fulfilling all legal employer duties. 

With a well-organised backoffice, temporary workers and clients can rest assured, knowing your employment agency handles everything seamlessly. This way you prevent that temporary workers are not being paid the amount of money that they are entitled to and switch agencies. 


Why outsource your backoffice? 

Starting an employment agency is all about going the extra mile for your temporary workers and clients. You’re making a commitment to helping them as best as you can. You want to match the right temporary worker with the right client so they can achieve their goals together. That is why you want to outsource your backoffice. Outsourcing your backoffice has numerous advantages. Of course, it differs from agency to agency but a few of the typical benefits are: 

  • You can focus more on growing your employment agency instead of on the administrative side of things. After all, the complex web of laws and regulations in the recruitment industry can make administrative tasks a major time sink.

  • By outsourcing your backoffice you ensure it is scalable. For example, if you place more temporary workers, you don’t have to scale up the administrative side of your employment agency. The party you outsource your backoffice to will do this without you having to worry about it.

  • You often save money on the bottom line. Hiring an administrative employee can be more expensive than outsourcing your backoffice. Especially since an employee also needs to keep his or her knowledge up to date. This means, for instance, courses and trainings that need to be taken to make sure he or she is up to speed on all new laws and regulations. If you choose to outsource your backoffice, you can be sure that your compliance obligations are met.

  • When you outsource your backoffice, you benefit directly from the certifications of the backoffice party you choose. When you outsource your backoffice to JEX Backoffice, you automatically have a NEN 4400-1 certificering, an SNA quality mark, you  are VCU-certified, an NBBU member and your pensions run through StiPP pension fund.

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What are backoffice tasks?

They encompass a wide range of administrative tasks that keep a business running smoothly, such as:

  • Contract management: drafting, managing and processing employment contracts and agreements with both temporary workers and clients.

  • Payroll: handling the payroll administration, including calculating and paying salaries, processing income tax and national insurance contributions and providing pay slips.

  • Invoicing: preparing, sending and managing invoices for services rendered. 

  • Accounts receivable management: monitoring outstanding invoices and ensuring timely payments by clients. 

  • Pre-financing: providing financial resources to pre-finance the salaries of temporary workers before payment is received from clients. 

  • Legal employment: bearing the legal responsibility as an employer for temporary workers, including compliance with labour laws and regulations and payment of national insurance contributions and arranging insurances. 

Outsource your employment agency’s backoffice

Looking to outsource your employment agency’s backoffice? JEX Backoffice is an experienced and specialised backoffice partner for your staffing and employment agency. We are uniquely equipped with the expertise and resources to handle these tasks professionally and efficiently. Our specialists will expertly manage all aspects of your administrative tasks. Outsourcing your backoffice frees you from administrative burdens, so you can fully focus on what you are good at. Your core business - staffing and the growth of your employment agency! 

As your trusted partner, we handle your entire backoffice, taking ownership of the associated risks. We also take over all legal employer responsibilities for your temporary workers. In addition, we are certified under the SNA standard and NEN 4400-1. With these certifications, we ensure your payroll and tax obligations are met correctly. Always in accordance with the applicable collective labour agreements and the latest legislation and regulations.  


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