Anti-discrimination and JEX

Last modified:  1 september 2023

At JEX, we strive to create an inclusive work environment where everyone is valued and respected. Our motto is #WORKASONE, which means that everyone belongs, regardless of their background, age, gender, sexual orientation, religion or ethnicity.

Our anti-discrimination policy is designed to prevent discrimination and promote diversity and inclusion. Discrimination in any form will not be tolerated in our organisation.

Our policy:

  1. Is established by management and regularly evaluated and updated.
  2. Is communicated to all JEX employees and stakeholders.
  3. Is included in our Employee Handbook and linked to a complaint procedure that is accessible to all stakeholders, including employees and temporary workers.
  4. Is reviewed annually by management to ensure effective compliance and implementation.

Every employee has access to our anti-discrimination policy and all relevant documentation and information. We require our clients and partners, including employment agencies, to respect and comply with our values and policies. Our policy is an integral part of our contracts and terms and conditions.

If our policy changes, we will inform our employees in a timely manner and share the updated policy with all stakeholders. The latest version of our anti-discrimination policy is always available on our website: