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What is your current setup for your daily recruitment processes? Perhaps you are using multiple systems that don’t integrate with each other. As a result, you experience constant technical issues, lack an overview and have to re-enter data in each system. With JEX’s one-stop-shop, you have everything in one central location.



All daily processes integrated in one system: matching, planning, timesheets, CRM and recruitment. Specially developed so you and your team can easily keep track of everything, save time and frustration and collaborate more effectively. 

Always the best candidates
Professional and personal hiring support
Fully compliant
Largest network of employment agencies
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Largest pool of candidates

You need manpower quickly, but you want good and reliable staff. Thanks to our many channels, networks, recruitment methods and hundreds of affiliated employment agencies, you can choose from a wide range of available candidates. That way you will always find the best people for your company. 


Always the best rate

Our focus and expertise is in negotiating the best deals with employment agencies. This keeps the rates low, which benefits you as an employer. 

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Hiring in accordance with the laws and regulations

Only work with certified employment agencies that comply with the NEN 4400-1 standard. By working compliantly according to the latest laws and regulations, you prevent financial risks and unexpected costs, such as fines and additional tax assessments. 


Data-driven and personal advice

Data-driven decisions: the insights you need for success. Thanks to our extensive database we will find the best match between candidates and your company. And we know exactly how the market is performing, which gives you a head start on your competition. 

Everything you need

With JEX’s one-stop shop, you have one central system where all your daily hiring and recruitment processes come together.

Keep track of everything, save time and work efficiently with your team.


Maximize exposure for your vacancies at hundreds of employment agencies.


A complete customer relationship management system. Keep all information up-to-date and monitor every contact in one central location.


Schedule your staff efficiently and keep real-time track of all upcoming work and who is doing what.


Go digital and streamline your timekeeping process. Easily keep track of all your expenses.


Strengthen your employer brand with your own careers website and link your company to external recruitment channels. Increase your candidate pool and exposure.


Hiring support

Finding suitable staff for your company takes time. A lot of time. JEX’s Customer Success Manager takes care of all those time-consuming tasks: from posting vacancies to conducting intake interviews.


Knowledge partner

Knowledge is power. As an experienced and established player in the market, we are always up-to-date on the latest trends and developments. Also in the area of the recruitment and selection of personnel. We share this knowledge with our customers through our exclusive knowledge events. This way you receive smart, concrete and useful tips that you can use directly.

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