Corporate social responsibility

Because we can
and it’s the right thing to do


JEX is firmly rooted in the Rotterdam soil

We are part of the neighbourhood in which we work. We are at home in the city that gives us the chance to grow and be successful. Others deserve that chance too. That’s why we give back to society.

We take corporate social responsibility seriously

For us, it’s not just a tick in the box or a bullet point to put in an annual report. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is about making a real difference in the lives of others. Because we can. Because it’s the right thing to do. Not because it benefits us, but because it is necessary.

With our CSR policy, we support initiatives that align with our core values

We’re not afraid to take action when others stand by

We put our energy into what we think is important

We enjoy collaborting and building meaningful relationships

We are not only there for others, but also for each other

This commitment is evident in our talent development and leadership development programmes, as well as in our diversity policy. At JEX, everyone is important and equal. We do not discriminate. We have diversity networks for different groups.  

From LGBTQI+ to Muslims and Christians. 

Want to exchange a public holiday such as Easter Monday for a day off for Eid al-Fitr? No problem. In need of a moment of spiritual contemplation? Our prayer room is open to all. And would you like to do something for others? We give you a day off from work to volunteer. You can use it to help others. Rather donate money? That is also possible, we support various initiatives employees can contribute to. 



In addition to running our own JEX Foundation, we collaborate with various organisations. With only one goal: to help where we can.

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Excelsior Foundation

JEX and Excelsior are working closely together to develop talent in youth and boost women’s football. We have a programme in which sports, social skills and inspiration come together.

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The Social Handshake

JEX partners with and participates in The Social Handshake. This organisation makes it possible for employees to donate to charities directly from their gross salary.

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JINC is a foundation that connects children from socio-economically disadvantaged neighbourhoods with the business community. They gain insights into the professional world, discover what their talent is and what they can do with it.

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Hockey Club Feyenoord

JEX sponsors HCF (Hockey Club Feijenoord), a local hockey club. HFC strongly believes in the power of sports to promote social cohesion and talent development in the neighbourhood where JEX is located.

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Rotterdamse Douwers

The Rotterdam Douwers Foundation helps young people who are struggling to achieve their ambitions. They do this by connecting them with a mentor from the business community and helping them to develop their talents.

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MBO Rijnland

JEX organises an annual event for MBO Rijnland, a school in the Netherlands that provides vocational education. With this initiative, JEX helps to inspire young people who are starting their educational paths. And students get a taste of how things work in the business world.


In addition to our ongoing partnerships we also love making a social difference with occasional projects.

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Everyday People Foundation

The Everyday People Foundation brings light and joy into the lives of the homeless and the poor. JEX helps them make and present their magazine.

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UWV, WSPR, municipality of Rotterdam

In collaboration with the municipality of Rotterdam, UWV and WSPR Rijnmond, we help people who have difficulty entering the job market find a job. We have been able to add six people to our staff.

JEX Foundation

Help us build a better future. Look here to see how you can contribute

Because CSR is so important to us we have established our own JEX Foundation. This is how we turn our words into actions and help those who need it most: underprivileged children.

In Rotterdam, the JEX Foundation is working towards a city where opportunity knocks for all  and dreams take flight. It starts with simple but important things: a good breakfast, a healthy hot meal, a peaceful night’s sleep.

To achieve this, the JEX Foundation works with aid organisations and schools in Rotterdam. We want to make a difference in the lives of tens of thousands of kids in Rotterdam who never eat breakfast or have to sleep in a crowded bed. 

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Corporate social responsibility is not that difficult.

If you can do something,
you should do something

Are you also passionate about CSR?

Do you have a fantastic idea that deserves our support? Do you want to join us in doing something for others? Have a question? Let us know.

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