Our story

As one of the fastest-growing tech companies in the Netherlands, we have a clear mission.

To make the work of employment agencies, employers, freelancers and jobseekers easier and more efficient with our software and services.

How we do this?

By building and offering what is needed.

Take our innovative one-stop-shop, backoffice services and huge network of clients and candidates.

Is that all?

Certainly not!

JEX is much more than that.

Call us knowledge partner, future market leader, IT addicts, marketing machine.

We are it all.


Nick Hillebrand

CEO / Founder

“The job market is large and fragmented. I saw how much money was being lost in all sorts of processes and how poorly employment agencies were supported. That’s why we founded JEX in 2020 - to bring much-needed innovation to the market. Essential? The exponential growth of JEX speaks for itself. Our ambitions? Bigger than our current growth. European market leader, reaching a billion euros in revenue in record time and a possible IPO as an exit moment for our investors.”

We Empower Growth

With guts, energy and connection we are giving the outdated job market a boost. Sounds ambitious, it is and so are we. We are a mix of thinkers, doers, young talent and seasoned veterans. Bold, unique, ourselves. Growth is our identity, our priority and our greatest motivator. This makes us, and everyone we work with, limitless and true winners.


JEX is founded
in Rotterdam



JEXers are working on the new job market



customers work more efficiently thanks to our solutions



software and services to work smarter

Where you
know us from

  • Richard Verschoor

    Proud main partner of Richard Verschoor, a rising star in FIA Formula 2. A clear and shared mission: to grow to F1.

  • 433

    Our partnership with the largest football community in the world. A unique search for the talent of the future.

  • Battle of the Branche

    Recruitment agencies from the Netherlands compete against each other on the circuit. The first prize? An all-inclusive race weekend at the Italian GP.

  • Feyenoord

    At JEX we work hand in hand. A passion we share with Feyenoord. After 2 years of partnership, we are now supporting from the sidelines.

  • De Brug

    Our floating, iconic and characteristic home base in the centre of Rotterdam. This is where the magic happens.

  • JEXtreme

    The most groundbreaking corporate training program in the Netherlands. Entirely geared towards personal growth and team development.

We’re not afraid to fall on our face. But we also know how to celebrate our wins!