Recruitment software

How do you manage your employment agency’s daily workflow? Perhaps you are using multiple systems that don’t integrate with each other. This makes it impossible to work efficiently. There is a better way: with JEX’s one-stop-shop you have everything in one central location. From recruiting to paying your temps. This saves you time and lets you work efficiently with your team.

Everything you need

Your work at an employment agency is varied and complex. You deal with multiple clients, temporary workers and a variety of systems. JEX’s one-stop-shop makes your job easier. Software designed specially for employment agencies, to speed up and simplify your daily tasks.


Your current situation

Day in, day out you work with systems that are too expensive, don’t integrate well, have technical issues, lack features and aren’t up-to-date. This leads to inefficiency, frustration and chaos.


Your solution

Everything you need for your daily tasks in one system: ATS, matching, planning, timekeeping, CRM, backoffice, ESS and a careers website. Specially developed to help you and your team collaborate better and faster in one central location.

JEX’s one-stop-shop

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Specially for employment agencies

No expensive, unnecessary features or missing functionalities: the JEX one-stop shop is fully developed and optimised for employment agencies.

No need for system integrations

From now on you can manage everything in one system. No more APIs or complex technical integrations between systems needed. This means less frustration and a faster workflow for you and your team.

Everything in 1 place

No more duplicate data entry or data loss. Everything you enter is accessible and usable across the entire system. This means you have to switch less and have a better overview.

Increased efficiency

Work seamlessly with your team in a clear and organised environment. Keep each other informed of important updates and easily track the status of tasks.

Continuous development

There is always room for improvement. Which is why we’re constantly working on making our product better. Your needs are our top priority in this process. We do this for you and with you.


All your daily tasks in one clear system.


An ATS system fully developed for employment agencies. No unnecessary functionalities.

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Get support in finding and securing new clients.

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Manage all customer relationships and interactions in one central location. Accessible to your entire team.

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Efficiently schedule your staff and keep a real-time overview of all jobs.

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Digitise and streamline your timekeeping process and manage all invoices in a clear and organised way.

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Outsource your backoffice at an all-in rate of 1.70 with full certification.

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Less admin tasks and risk of errors with the Employee Self Service app for your temporary workers.

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Careers website

Create your own careers website and easily recruit new candidates. Multiposting helps you reach more professionals.

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Are you already using JEX’s backoffice?

If so, we will link your backoffice to the one-stop-shop.
Prefer to manage your backoffice yourself? No problem. The one-stop shop can also be used without our backoffice services.

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Find new clients

JEX’s one-stop-shop gives you access to the ‘matching’ component: a marketplace that lists a vast and growing selection of job openings from a variety of clients. So you can tap into an extensive network and easily find new clients in various fields, such as logistics, port, construction, IT and facility management.

The matching feature allows you to submit your candidates for hundreds of vacancies from trustworthy and relevant companies: we perform credit checks and negotiate rates and conditions with clients upfront.


JEX as knowledge partner

Knowledge is power. As an established player in the market, we are always up-to-date on the latest trends and developments in the job market. We share our knowledge with our customers through our exclusive knowledge events. This way you receive smart, concrete and useful tips you can use directly.

Our knowledge comes not only from experience but also from the vast amount of specialised market data we collect. We analyse the data, interpret it and present it in a clear and concise way using innovative dashboards. One of our dedicated contact persons will give you useful tips to help you run your employment agency more effectively.

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