Whistleblowers and JEX

Last modified: November 2023

JEX considers it important that you can report (suspected) wrongdoing in a safe manner without fear of negative consequences.

Based on the Whistleblower Protection Act, we have established a reporting procedure that we hereby make available to you. This procedure allows you to report wrongdoing at an early stage so that we can respond quickly and effectively. JEX has an open culture where integrity and accountability are encouraged and valued.

The JEX works council is familiar with this procedure and is in agreement with it.

  1. What the reporting procedure is for
    This procedure is intended for reporting (suspected) wrongdoing where the societal interest is at stake. The whistleblowing procedure is not intended for (individual) labour disputes, reporting personal complaints about work, criticism of JEX decisions (policy decisions) and/or for personal gain. There must be a broader interest at stake.

  2. Definitions
    The whistleblowing procedure concerns
    1. you/your: the person (whether employed or not) doing work for us. This includes our own staff, interns, volunteers and temporary workers;
    2. we/us or JEX: JEX Backoffice B.V., JEX Personnel B.V. and other entities belonging to our group.
    3. (suspected) wrongdoing: your reasonable belief that there is wrongdoing where the societal interest is at stake, as defined by law.
    4. whistleblower advisor: the person who acts as a confidential advisor for us and who you can consult about a (presumed) wrongdoing by seeking information or advice
    5. highest manager: the person who runs the daily management of our company.

  3. Internal reporting

    You can report a (presumed) wrongdoing to the whistleblower advisor. You can also consult the whistleblower advisor in confidence about a (presumed) wrongdoing by seeking information or advice. If you suspect that the whistleblower advisor is involved in the (presumed) wrongdoing, the report can also be made to his or her direct supervisor within JEX.

    A report of (suspected) wrongdoing can be made in the following ways:

    1. in writing (including by e-mail or WhatsApp)
    2. orally by telephone or other voice messaging system;
    3. or, at your request, by meeting you on site within a reasonable time.


    You will receive an acknowledgement of receipt of the report within seven days.

    If a (suspected) wrongdoing concerns a company other than JEX (e.g. a customer), you may report it to that other company. In that case, JEX's whistleblower advisor will be informed by that other company that a report has been made.

    We aim to provide you with an investigation report within eight weeks of your report. We will inform you in writing of our position on the report. We will also let you know what (follow-up) action has been or will be taken as a result of the report.

  4. External reporting
    You can report a (suspected) wrongdoing directly externally to the authority designated by law. You can also do this after making an internal report. It is preferable to make an internal report first.

  5. Protection from retaliation
    We will ensure that information about your report is stored in such a way that it is only physically and digitally accessible to those involved in dealing with the report. We will treat all data confidentially and, where permitted, in accordance with the data protection regulations and other relevant legislation.

    We will also ensure that your identity is not disclosed to those involved in dealing with a report. The exception to this is where you give express written consent and they keep your identity confidential.

    JEX will not disadvantage you in any way as a result of your report. We will also ensure that your colleagues refrain from any form of detriment that may affect your professional or personal performance. If there is any prejudice, you can discuss it with the whistleblower advisor. He or she informs the direct supervisor (or the direct supervisor at the client) about this.

    Other involved parties, including for example the confidential advisor and/or the investigators, will not be disadvantaged by us in any way in connection with the report.