Backoffice services for freelancers

As a freelancer, you love the freedom and independence that’s part of your work. That is, until you have to do all the admin yourself and are dealing with late or non-paying clients. This is time-consuming and frustrating. Is there another way? Absolutely. JEX takes care of your administration and pays all your invoices weekly, wherever you work.


Outsource your administration

As a freelancer you are a true specialist. You have enough on your plate. No time for complex matters and clients who pay you late or not at all after you have delivered. What you need: a reliable partner who handles these things for you.

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Always get paid on time

No more stress over late-paying clients. We pay you your earnings on time, every time. Even if the client has not yet paid; we take on 100% of your risk of non-payment. 


Save time

You don’t have to send, arrange or prepare anything yourself. We take care of all that. That way, you can focus on what you do best: delivering top-notch work. 


Keep an overview

Want to stay on top of your hours and invoices? Our user-friendly backoffice portal makes it simple. We keep all your data and payments in one place, so you can quickly find what you need. 


Personal support

Have a question you can’t find the answer to? Or just want to bounce some ideas off someone? Our team is here to help you. 


Say goodbye to double admin

With JEX, your entire backoffice is centrally managed and automated. You enter the hours you have worked, we send the invoice to the client. This prevents errors and double admin. 

How it works

JEX works with Reversed Billing, also known as self-billing. You simply enter your hours, and we take care of the invoicing. This ensures your invoices and payments are always accurate and on time.


You enter your expenses and hours worked on our portal.


Your client will receive these and approve them.


We’ll create the invoice and send it to you and your client.


We’ll send you your earnings the following week.


No more admin

With JEX, your administrative tasks are reduced to just one thing: simply enter your expenses and hours worked in our backoffice portal. We take care of the rest. We handle your admin, financial and legal tasks.


Fast payment

With Reversed Billing, it doesn’t matter where you work or whether your client pays on time: JEX gives you a 100% guarantee that you will be paid weekly. So, did you work any hours this week? Enter them in our portal right away. We’ll make sure you can enjoy your hard-earned money next week. Fast payments always, without any risks.

Get in touch

Have a question? Need some advice? Our experts are just a click away. Leave a message and we will contact you.